Outdoor LED Mesh Displays

Outdoor LED Mesh display: Next generation outdoor LED Digital Billboards perfect solution.


LED Mesh display can turn any building facade into a dynamic communications medium while

not concealing the architecture behind it. Mount it over a solid facade or in front of windows ,knowing that the finished solution is free from visible cabling and delivers a clean, semi-transparent viewing experience for those within the building. The stainless steel, textile-like mesh provides a modern, urban feel while the thin-profile design – less than one inch deep – provides an elegant, refined structural appearance.

Name of item Technical Specifications


Unit size Wide(W): 500 x Height(H):1000 mm
Unit weight 7 kg
Arrangement mode Vertical to the   ground, aligned vertically
IP grade Positive and   negative, double directions,IP68 Grade
Shell material Corrosion resistant   and high-strength lightweight aeronautical alloy
Structural material Corrosion resistant   and high-strength lightweight aeronautical alloy
Overall thickness 6.8 cm Includes frame   structure, panel size)
Transparency rate 50%
LED DIP  346     1R1G1B
Pixel Pitch Horizontal 15.625mm
Vertical 15.625mm
Horizontal viewing angle ≥110°
Vertical viewing angle ≥60°
The best viewing distance 15 meters ~ 1000   meters
Play content HD Video, Images, Text
Control Way Online synchronous   mapping / offline
Drive mode Constant current
Driving  components 16 bit Serial   Communication
Contrast 28001
Resolution 4096 dots/㎡
Peak brightness 7500~1000 nits (White   balance status)
IP Grade IP 68 both for   front and back
Display   color temperature 3200-9300k
Color gamut 110% (NTSC)
Brightness   adjustment 5%~100%(Loss-less   gray scale)
Brightness   degradation 3 % per   Year
Average   daily power consumption Low as 50w/
Peak   power consumption 380 w/
Grey scale 16384 (14 Bit)
Frame   frequency 60 Hz
Refresh rate 2380Hz
Data interface DVI/HDMI
Display model 1920*1080
Run mode 7×24 hours continuous   running
EMC Conduction Emission

EN55022 CLASS-A、Harmonic Current

IEC61000-3-2   Class-A

Seismic capacity 10 ~ 500Hz, 5G   12min./1cycle, period for 72min. each along X, Y, Z axes
Working temperature -40 ~+85
Operating humidity 10%~90%
Anti-wind   grade 12 Grade
Storage temperature -55 ~ +120
Fire-protection   rating 94V0
Working range Altitude   0-5000m
MTBF >=5000 Hours
Noise level 0 dB
Device level Solid, wide   temperature, industrial grade
Fire safety 1 Second, no need tools, quickly open the escape Lane
Level of protection Front & back   Double faces whole IP68
Heat Dissipation way Structural   enhanced natural cooling
Maintenance way Patented   technology, positive and negative dual-ways, rapid assemble and disassemble
Maintenance speed 8 Seconds/Unit
Designed lifetime ≥100,000 Hours(5~10 Years)
Supply voltage AC85-250 V  50Hz~60Hz


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